Building & Property
 - Ted Strohl

Repairs, Maintenance, Replacement, Problems & New Building - Ted Strohl

Youth & Learning - Rachel Martenco

Sunday School & Christian Education - Stephanie Stephens 

Hospitality Committee & Celebration Hall Events Coordinator -

Stewardship - Diane Martenco

Worship & MusicTim Lasslett

Evangelism - Kay Malinowitzer

Fellowship Committee - Kay Malinowitzer

Call Church Office for all Contact Information


Social Ministry:

Angels Closet - Call the church for details

Food Pantry - Laura Pride

World Hunger - Church Staff

Family Promise - Laura Pride

Habitat for Humanity / Thrive Builds
 - Call them directly

A Touch of Home
- Laura Pride and Sunday School

Narcotics Anonymous
- Call the church for details 570-223-9422

​​​​​Professional Staff:

Church Secretary
-  ​

Church Accountant- Dana Strohl

​​​​Congregational Council Members:

President - Adrian Martenco
Vice-president - Ed Stephens
Secretary - Carrie Strohl


Don Carr 
Laura Biddulph
Scott Flax
Dick Rehm

Sam Malinowitzer

Kay Malinowitzer
Mike Romer 

Rachel Martenco
Pat Clements

St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Smithfield

Call Church Office for all Contact Information


​​​​​​Treasurer - Don Carr


Music Director
Dave Libecap

Choir Director - Kathy Ertle 

Praise Team Music Director - 

Organist - Dave Libecap

Contemporary Music/Praise Band 

Junior Choir Directors -

Financial Secretary
 - Dana Strohl

Co-Financial Secretary - 

Sunday School Superintendent - Stephanie Stephens

Custodian - Vangaurd Cleaning Services