​​​​​​Treasurer - Don Carr


Music Director
Dave Libecap

Choir Director - Kathy Ertle 

Organist - Dave Libecap

Contemporary Music/Praise Band - Chris Matthy

Junior Choir Directors - May Ertle

Financial Secretary
 - Dana Strohl

Sunday School Superintendent - Stephanie Stephens

Custodian - Vangaurd Cleaning Services

Call Church Office for all Contact Information


St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Smithfield

Call Church Office for all Contact Information


​​​​​Professional Staff:

Church Secretary
-  ​Juli Jupin

Church Accountant- Dana Strohl

​​​​Congregational Council Members:

President - Laura Pride
Vice-president - Carrie Strohl
Secretary - Kay Malinowitzer​


Don Carr 
Laura Biddulph
Dick Rehm

Pat Clements

Tom McGhee


Building & Property
 - Ted Strohl

Repairs, Maintenance, Replacement, Problems & New Building - Ted Strohl

Sunday School & Christian Education - Stephanie Stephens 

Hospitality Committee & Celebration Hall Events Coordinator

Laura Pride,  Ed Stephens, Kay Malinowitzer, Sam Malinowitzer

Stewardship - 

Worship & MusicTim Lasslett

Evangelism - Kay Malinowitzer

Fellowship Committee - Gloria Killeen

Youth Group - Kay Malinowitzer

Social Ministry:

Angels Closet - Call the church for details

Food Pantry -  Jackie McGhee

World Hunger - Church Staff

Family Promise - Laura Pride

Habitat for Humanity / Thrive Builds
 - Call them directly

A Touch of Home
- Laura Pride and Sunday School

Narcotics Anonymous
- Call the church for details 570-223-9422